Ray Comfort Vs. Matt Dillahunty Debate - A Response to Atheists

Ray recently did another debate with a very well known "atheist". Ray was compassionate as always. He did a great job and there were many statements made by Matt that need to be addressed as he is a thought leader in atheist circles. Matt is a very thoughtful person that once professed to be a believer but has since indicated he never was.

Does Matt really think his questions are ironclad in this debate? These questions have been answered for thousands of years...


Debates get very tricky if you are NOT willing to allow God to be sovereign and do as he pleases. God allowed sin for his redemptive plan to display these attributes: Love, mercy, justice, grace, and wrath. Does God owe everyone salvation? No. He calls and saves whom he will. The problem is not intellectual it’s spiritual. Matt is right: he can’t believe unless God first regenerates his ❤️. God is SOVEREIGN.

God Doesn't Learn

Foreknowledge has to do with God knowing his sheep in an intimate sense. God never learns so the idea that God is looking into the future to determine who would choose him to maintain man's autonomy is not Biblical and must be rejected as it causes issues as seen in this debate. Matt has a legitimate point here but the idea of the possibility of multiple universes that God could have created does not negate that he lives in reality in this one and is accountable to God for his sin regardless of his ability to respond.

Penal Substitution

The debt question is yet another faulty premise fallacy because only God can forgive sins (which he did for the elect at the cross). God did not send someone else he sent the second person of the Triune Godhead (The Son of Man, Jesus Christ). He then imputes his perfect righteousness to the believer. God did not create a list of arbitrary rules for humanity as Matt asserts, the law is a reflection of God's character and nature, and because man is made in God's image and has a soul when we violate that law we are then enemies of God.

Blood Magic...?

This is not blood magic, the blood is where the life is, try living without it? Matt, what if God is transcendental and you are looking for him like a lost cat?

Prove You Are Married...(Evidence is not the ultimate standard truth and trust is)

When it comes to the silliness of the marriage question again, if you do not trust Ray when he tells you he is married and demand evidence it displays that something is wrong with you not with Ray. Why not trust him? When it comes to God and HIS Word there is no higher authority. To not believe God is to call him a liar.... there is no higher authority than God himself and he has revealed himself to you in 3 ways: Creation, Conscience, and The Bible. Other false religions and writings do not negate the resurrection and the inerrancy of the word of God once for all. We have a more sure word than the transfiguration.....

You Must Be Born Again

You must be born again or you will not see the Kingdom of God. Atheism by definition (not as Matt postulates) is a lack of belief in God and it is axiomatic that information requires a mind (Jesus Christ) and creation requires a creator. Thank Ray for being a faithful encouragement. Ray is one of my heroes of the faith and I can't imagine the state of evangelism by God's grace without him. SDG.





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