Shakespeare With A WristWatch

Public universities (and the school system in general) are not teaching truth. In fact, in many ways they are opposed to Christ and teaching demonic doctrine, denying The God that made and created them in His image. Millions of 18 21-year-olds have been indoctrinated with postmodernism. As a result, a baby is just a “virus” or a “parasite”. I wish I were making these comments up but this is how these young people argue. That, and a great volume of profanity and screaming while appealing to security to have us arrested or kicked off-campus.

They are in dire need to understand: the gospel, clear thinking, where morals come from, that abortion is murder, theology, and proper hermeneutics.

A while back Jamie Terry and I met with a college student who is a few classes from an MDIV from a TX seminary, he is also studying law and hopes to do Doctoral work in epistemology (how we know things to be true) someday.

The bad news is he denies a literal Adam and Eve and the clear and plain teaching that Job was a real person. By allegorizing Genesis, Job and other books (which are meant to be taken as literal eye-witness history) this young man makes knowledge and the genealogies irrelevant. The historical background is important but we do not need history to understand God’s word sufficiently.

It is a lie to assert that the culture the Bible was written in necessitates a secret meaning to then understand its meaning today. This was not true for Paul speaking of Abraham, Or Luther or Calvin speaking of Paul, or any other orthodox Christian throughout the scope of history. This is because the Holy Spirit is the person that illuminates the meaning of the Bible.

The Bible uses zero allegories. A gnostic-esque approach can never know if it is right because there may some other context or secret idea that is still being missed that makes the plain teaching that “Job had sons and daughters” something else… when asked what the gospel is: He could not answer it or even affirm that he was certain he was believing the truth.

He went on to espouse that seeing truth as black and white (the way Jesus, Paul, Peter, John) and we do is “dangerous theology”. Certainly, Biblical truth has many applications and facets, but the Holy Spirit’s intended meaning is always the point of the passage.

This young man also misunderstands the meaning of anachronism the ideology behind his heretical hermeneutic. An anachronism is not taking something from the past that you carry forward in order to understand it.

Here are some examples of what an Anachronism is: A modern businessman is a teepee is an anachronism. The definition of anachronism is a person or thing that is placed in a time period where it does not fit. If a movie about ancient Egypt showed a Pharaoh wearing a wristwatch, the wristwatch would be an example of an anachronism.

Apart from the Holy Spirits work the Bible’s plain meaning will not be understood and you will be left with a form of gnostic, pharisaical heresy. Liberal theology is at its core a hatred of God and high sounding nonsense. I highly recommend studying theology from people like Wayne Grudem and John MacArthur. Please pray for this young man as he is on a trajectory to do much damage to himself and others.

This is why God’s word gives admonitions to examine yourself. As disciples of Christ, it is unloving to let error and false doctrine and teachers go unchallenged. Their end is destruction… We must exhort, reproof, rebuke, and defend the truth once delivered to the saints with gentleness and respect.



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