The Diamond Buyer

A long time ago in a Swiss village, there was a man that bought diamonds. Over the years the trusted man became lazy and was very careless when it came time to inspect the diamonds he was purchasing. He began to get a reputation with the townspeople as a man that did not take his craft seriously. Word got around... and it wasn't long before people began passing off diamonds made of glass on the lazy jeweler.

When discovered that they had purchased glass the customers of his family jewelry store became irate. They even sought legal action. A fortune was lost and his family shop subsequently went out of business. Worse the man escaped jail by the skin of his teeth and his family was destroyed.

All because the careless man accepted at face value the claims that others where making with no regard to the substance of what he was buying. How careless with something so precious.

So too is it in our culture. Many name the name of Christian (Title), but their 1. Words, 2. Actions, and 3. Titles don't match. It is crucial that we help others see that a true Christian like a true diamond will sparkle under pressure. They will be beautiful when circumstances or people are ugly and they will be rock hard in proper doctrine and their resolve as they are conformed to the image of Christ.

If you were a diamond buyer would you buy glass?



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