Pay Attention To The 5 F's

Updated: Jan 22

Life can be complicated and overwhelming at times! But it doesn't have to be this way. Here

are 5 key areas that you will benefit from paying attention to

1. Faith - How will you grow to be more like Jesus

2. Family - Your plan for leading your family and loving Jesus

3. Finances - What are your #'s

4. Fitness - What are your #'s

5. Fun - Are you making room for fun?

When you focus on these 5 key areas life gets a lot simpler and it is much easier to focus on what matters most to you!

It can be very easy as a Christian to IGNORE 2-5! This is a HUGE mistake.

Let's go through these briefly:

1. Faith

Do you have a routine for grasping God's word?

1. Hear, 2. Read, 3. Study, 4. Memorize, 5. Meditate

Are you born again?

Check out

Are you committed to a local body of believers?

Check out 9Marks for a helpful Church search tool

2. Family

When are your family devotional times?

I recommend first thing in the morning at breakfast or just after. Second, at night after dinner.

How are you helping them to grasp and obey God's word?

Don't just teach at them, help them learn good habits and how to rightly handle the word for themselves.

3. Finances

Do you know your numbers?

Total monthly expenses (fixed and variable)

What is your monthly cash flow? (Total left after ALL expenses)

This is the most important number to track.

What is the hourly rate you need to pay all of your bills each month?

Avoiding debt and overspending is crucial.

I recommend signing up for an account through Personal Capital to track all of these numbers. It is FREE.

4. Fitness

How many days have you worked out this year?

This could be as simple as walking for 15 minutes, but it is important to know your numbers

5. Fun

Are you having fun?

As believers, we have eternal life and coming joy. Some circumstances are tough but that doesn't mean you can't plan to have fun and do fun things with your friends and family!

Don't walk around with a sour lemon face if you can help it!

Have a great day! Leave a comment below.

Soli Deo Gloria,




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