The Houseboat and The Crack

Ninety years ago there was a farmer that noticed a fairly large crack in the enormous dam near his city. He began to observe the crack and over the next few months, it continued to spread.

The farmer became deeply concerned.

He lived four miles from the dam but knew that rising waters would be a threat to his family so he sold some of his possessions and purchased a large houseboat.

He tied the houseboat off to floating docks that would rise with the water that he could then cut the ropes after he had started the boat. The farmer stocked the boat with supplies, food, and extra fuel as he continued to warn the townspeople of the dams impending failure.

The townspeople laughed at the crazy old eccentric farmer and his family of "preppers". The mayor jilted, "That dam has been there for 100 years and is 1,000 feet tall and 50 feet thick, a small crack is no problem it will continue to hold as it always has."

The townspeople even began to put up posters mocking the farmer and threatened him with hate speech and "disturbing the peace".

At 3 am it happened. The crack burst open and the dam exploded apart due to the force of the deluge.

All 8,000 townspeople were lost. Some drowned in mud gasping for help while others were crushed by flying debris. Families were swept away and the town was lost.

The farmer on his houseboat patrolled the town looking for survivors with his family aboard but the devastation was total.

He wept at the arrogance of the townspeople.

Sixty years later the dam and town were rebuilt. New families moved in that paid little attention to the story of the lost town and the tragedy that happened on this very spot.

They were building homes, families, and careers. The people were too busy to care about the past... as a crack began to form in their town's dam...

If you knew where this town was would you run the streets warning the people of the danger... ?

When I read about the Global flood in Genesis 11 this is exactly how I feel.

Now step back from this story and realize that this flood was global and literal history. The earth is scarred with evidence of God's righteous judgment. Note the severity of God and the reality of his past and future judgment.

If the global flood were more recent and recorded in a newspaper would it change your urgency to share the gospel with the lost?

Would it change the content and authority of the message you share?

5and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;

9then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from temptation, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment,



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