The Importance of Personal Leadership

Being a leader is not easy. In our culture, if you are assertive, educated, get some measure of results, and don't make people feel uncomfortable you are often put in a place of leadership. But I wonder how much of this actually squares with the Bible?

God is first and foremost concerned with the heart. In fact, the word integrity is derived from the word integer and denotes a "whole" person. A great deal could be said here but it is necessary that someone actually be regenerate and converted as step1 of this process.

The church can and does fall into one of two ditches: 1. No focus on improving as a leader 2. Total focus on becoming a "leader" or the dreaded cousin: "thought leader". Barf. Christ is our leader, we are not trying to be hip, cool, relevant, or trendy. God's word is supreme and more than sufficient.

With this in mind, we need to focus first on personal leadership (the ability of a person to lead themselves). Then disciple others to do the same. If we did this we would see an explosion in Kingdom effort and growth! God is for His Kingdom growing. However, most disciples are largely ineffective in their discipleship efforts because well... they are not clear on their own mission let alone the mission of the church. (Gulp).

Try this gut-rending experiment. Ask 3 people in your Church if they know what the mission of the Church is?

Likely you will hear something about making disciples... while this is part of the mission there is more to it. Furthermore, if we actually believed the mission of the church was to make disciples why would less than 2.5% of Christians be sharing the gospel each week? How could any church consider itself successful to the clear commands of Christ our King if it is not engaged in reaching the lost in a proactive, substantial manner? It is not because we don't love Christ. It is because we do not understand the mission of the church and we have poor personal leadership and poor personal management skills.

Here is the Mission of Christ's Church:

Live for the glory of God 1 Cor 10:31, 2 Cor 3:18, Love God and our neighbor Matt 22:37-40, Deut 6:5, Make Disciples that make disciples Matt 28:19

As a believer, this should also be your family's mission. :) The tactics and way you do this is totally up to you. However, becoming someone that can personally lead yourself must precede being able to lead your family and others. This is why understanding your personal mission, goals, and vision for where you and your family are going is paramount. This is why so many treat evangelism as if it is a secondary optional discipline. Like Corinthian leather in a minivan. It's viewed as "for the weird" or gifted. Evangelism is not the job of the Pastor (though he certainly should be a leader in this area because he is a believer). The reason so many people struggle to lead family worship, disciple their kids, give glory to Christ in everything, and to reach the lost is that they don't understand to be a Christian is to already have a mission.

It sounds obvious but without vision- where you are going, mission- what you are doing, and goals you will not be very effective making disciples. J.D. Greear in his phenomenal book Gaining By Losing says that: "The Church is a leadership factory". Wow. Amen!

The great news is this is a skill that everyone can improve. It takes effort, focus, and a plan but this single change in thinking and process will have a generational impact that will last for eternity!

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