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- The week beginning July 12th. A Response to Priests and Roman Catholics

Roman Catholicism presents a tremendous opportunity for the gospel in our nation and globally. The above episode of STREET Talk LIVE will help you address some key issues as you seek to lovingly engage neighbors and friends.

Is the priesthood necessary?

As we get closer to the Baby's arrival date my schedule is becoming less flexible as I need to stay closer to home. Financially 2020 has been a "Spicy meatball" but w

e are encouraged that God's grace is sufficient.

If you' d like to support our ministry efforts here is a link to our mission board: Giving

We are recovering more Bibles which has been FANTASTIC (except when Marley gets into the supplies). But with my speed, she doesn't stand a chance... and our house regularly features re-enactments of the cartoon "Roadrunner". You guys can decide who is who...

The girls have been big helpers! Jordan is becoming quite the ham bone as well!

Here is a recent rendition of Torchlighters that she did at the dinner table so I decided to record it. She is an incredible blessing and we are grateful for God's work in her life!

Here's what's tentatively planned for this week:

We will be prayerfully ramping up our online efforts over the next weeks as we await Baby #3 with JOY. I will also start looking for spots in Columbia to reach people as well!

Monday - Street Talk Live, Daily Video - Family Day

Tuesday - Bible Kids Online tutoring day - Street Talk Live and Daily Video

Preaching on Saturday With Coble

Wednesday - Craft fair in Columbia with the flip chart to meet neighbors and to market Bible rebinding. You know how people have old Bibles laying around with tons of highlights and notes? We can make those better than new!

Thursday - Downtown Nashville, Street Talk Live, Daily Video

Friday - Columbia Outreach - Youtube videos and Street Talk LIVE

Saturday - Columbia Outreach - Youtube video and Street Talk LIVE

Sunday - Trinity

Thanks for reading and praying!


The Risners

p.s. If you' d like to support our ministry efforts here is a link to our mission board: Giving



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