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The week beginning July 26th

Mormonism has an infinite regression problem and should be rejected on its face. Joseph Smith "boasted to restore the one true church" and received special revelation. All of which was clearly false and in some instances based off of his copying of Marco Polo but that's what hucksters do...they copy, twist, and steal for profit....hmmm sounds like someone else that came to lie, kill and steal.

The true and living God is Triune and exists in eternity OUTSIDE of time and space that HE created. He is not created and does not change. This is a logical necessity for relationship, aseity, and immutability. Check out a short clip from an article from CARM below:

In other words, in order for us to get to the present state of this god on this planet, there would have had to be an infinite number of exaltations in the past.  But, this cannot be because, in order to get to the present, you would have to transverse an infinite number of exaltations.  But that is impossible since you cannot transverse an infinity--if you could cross (transverse) an infinity of time, then it isn't infinite.  Therefore, the Mormon system of infinite regressions of exaltations to godhood is impossible, and Mormonism is proven false. source Carm.org

Loving those lost in cults and false religions is very important. Remember 2 Timothy 2. However, we should not be ambiguous or dainty when it comes to exposing false gospels that are anathema. (Lead to Hell). The stakes are too high... and the LDS (Mormons) are now postulating that they are "Christian too". They are not. They are lost in a hucksters cult.

This week I was only able to preach downtown on Wednesday with Terry Cohea. A man

named Jeff that I have talked to before asked for prayer for an older man in his Church that has been on a ventilator for 20+ days now and has COVID. Please continue to pray for his friend Tim. There was lightning, rain, and thunder but people were receptive to the gospel and many took gospel tracts as well!

I saw a very encouraging quote posted by Josh Williamson and I am re-posting it here:

Does Open Air Evangelism Work? It may be asked if there are permanent results from the preaching. It will at once be perceived, however, that the effects of the Gospel, proclaimed in this manner, cannot be traced. A passenger on the footway stops and listens and goes; and with him, perhaps, he carries a dart from conscience, or an arrow winged to the heart by the Spirit of God. Therefore it is that this is a work of faith. The sower in the field may not always watch the growing seed if haply it has taken root; but sure we are that fruit of what has been scattered will all be made manifest 'in that day'."

(Taken from the 1854 Annual Report of The Open-Air Mission)

As we await the arrival of Baby #3 I am staying closer to home because the due date is about 2 weeks out... Bible Kids (online) Bible tutoring continues to go well and is a great encouragement. I want to get out and preach more but it has been an interesting year to say the least...

We are also transitioning from cleaning our Church after about 2 and a half years to allow more time for evangelism on Saturdays and to focus on recovering more Bibles. It was a fantastic side job that taught our family many lessons over the years and we will be forever grateful for it.

Bring on the Bibles

You may be wondering "Where are you sending these Bibles?"

Answer: We are sending them all over the country and it is a great encouragement to us! Marley also LOVES to help and I will often find her working by herself (the key is to keep the sharp tools away form her).

Here's what's tentatively planned for this week:

We will be prayerfully ramping up our online efforts over the next weeks as we await Baby #3 with JOY.

Monday - Street Talk Live, Daily Video - Family Day

Tuesday - Bible Kids Online tutoring day - Street Talk Live and Daily Video

Wednesday - Craft fair in Columbia to meet neighbors and to market Bible rebinding. Or downtown with Terry depending on family :)

Thursday - Columbia Outreach (still looking for people and this is a tough time to find crowds...)

Friday - Columbia Outreach (maybe Planned Parenthood depending on Becky) - Youtube video, and Street Talk LIVE

Saturday - Downtown Nashville *depending on Becky and the girls

Sunday - Trinity

Thanks for reading and praying!


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