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The week beginning August 2nd

2020 is perhaps stranger than we could have ever imagined! This week alone saw the acknowledgment by the Whitehouse of "otherworldly spacecraft" and Todd White repenting!

The good news is "Christ is still reigning and upholding all things by the word of his power." The video was a little grainy so I have a few things to adjust for future shows but the audio came through clearly.

The above topics are very important to discuss with your friends and family. You will see this more and more.

What could a demonic deception look like in our day...? Check out this video for how this could happen!

Darwinian evolution has set the table for the premise that "space, time, and chance will inevitably result in a life that then becomes more complex. Large amounts of Space do not create life and in fact, is nonsense. Life can only come from life. You need an uncaused first cause outside of time and space: God.

And whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, “You are the Son of God.”

Mark 3:11

Next up from this week here is my initial reaction to Todd White repenting. The reason he deserves skepticism is that he is a known "false teacher" impacting millions. The Bible has

clear warnings that not many should become teachers, as well as the qualifications of an Elder, and that we should test all things by Scripture. This case is very different than a friend or coworker being saved. He is in a position to cause many to fall right now and needs to be approached like nitroglycerin in the back of a wagon... very carefully.

Jordan's Bible Corner started this week! (She decided on her own to build a little studio office in the corner of her room complete with (pink unicorn of course) and hot air balloon decorations. She is so sweet and a great blessing to our family. God is working in her life.

John MacArthur is also in the news for last Sunday's service. He re-opened his church fully and made a hilarious Fresca endorsement (he can't get it right now because the beer companies are using all of the aluminum).

As we await the arrival of Baby #3 I am staying closer to home because the due date is about 1 week out... basically my schedule is on hold until we meet the new baby! I want to go out to my normal spots so this has been tough but good :).

Thank you for your continued prayers and support we are so grateful! I may try to downtown at least once this week...

Here's what's tentatively planned for this week:

Monday - Street Talk Live, Daily Video - Family Day

Tuesday - Bible Kids Online tutoring day - Street Talk Live and Daily Video

Wednesday - Craft fair in Columbia to meet neighbors and to market Bible rebinding. Or downtown with Terry depending on family

Thursday - Street Talk Live and Video

Friday - - Youtube video and Street Talk LIVE with Ryan

Saturday - TBD

Sunday - Trinity

Thanks for reading and praying!


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