Weekly What's Happening Update

STREET TALK LIVE - The week beginning July 5th

If you've ever wondered how JWs think check out the comment thread on this video and feel free to leave some comments.

Nashville is entering a time of restriction again in response to COVID and many of the businesses will be closed. This will likely make preaching downtown much easier because of a lack of music which is a blessing...(conjunction coming...) BUT there probably won't be many tourists in town because of this. We will see!

HUNDREDS heard the gospel this week and we are very encouraged! Friends from school and work are also starting to comment on STREET Talk LIVE and guests are starting to come on the show.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

With phases coming at us and travel restrictions how and where I will go this week may change, it is difficult to plan when things like this are going on :)

Monday - Street Talk Live, Daily Video - Family Day (I also teach very early in the morning each day 6 days per week for about 4 hours per day I am up about 2:15 am 6 days a week so your prayers are needed)

Tuesday - Bible Kids Online tutoring day, prayer and planning for T4E 4 with Ben Grady (TBD). We also still potentially have Christmas Parades coming... my goal was 50k tracts this year and we were well on our way so we will see what God has planned for this year.

Daily Video and STREET Talk LIVE

Wednesday - Craft fair in Columbia with the flip chart to meet neighbors and to market Bible rebinding.

You know how people have old Bibles laying around with tons of highlights and notes? We can make those better than new!


Thursday - Downtown Nashville with Terry, STREET Talk LIVE, Daily Video

Friday - Planned Parenthood with Scott and the Mobile Unit and Daily Video. (They were closed last Friday so I ended up on Broadway preaching instead).

Saturday - Downtown preaching with John Coble, depending on Schedules

Daily Video and STREET Talk LIVE

Sunday - The LORD's Day! He is RISEN

Thanks for reading and praying!


The Risners

p.s. If you' d like to support our ministry efforts here is a link to our mission board: Giving



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