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Welcome to our WEEKLY What's Happening Ministry Update The weeks are FLYING by and people are coming out in full force on the weekends! This week I started STREET Talk LIVE (Live streaming with comments and group interaction on Facebook and Youtube, it also allows me to play and comment on videos, etc).  I will start lining up guests and set a firm time for the show but am still in BETA mode.  If you would like to be on the show please text me. This week had some interesting events: Hell on Wheels The heartbeat bill passed (for well thought out commentary from my friend Paul Place reach out to me).  T4E 4 is coming up in September and we would love to see you there. Monday - Street Talk Live, Daily Video - Family Day Tuesday - Bible Kids Online tutoring day (also marketing Bible rebinding around Columbia)  - Street Talk Live and Daily Video Wednesday - Preaching with Terry or Trying to connect with Kennie - Street Talk Live Thursday - Downtown Nashville, Street Talk Live, Daily Video Friday - Planned Parenthood with Scott and the Mobile Unit. Street Talk Live (later in day) and Daily Video Saturday -Becky's Birthday -  Daily Video Sunday - Trinity Baptist - Series in Daniel (pray for the upcoming basketball camp) 

p.s. My online early morning teaching is going amazing and I am developing relationships with the parents and students. If you need a Bible recovered or would like to support us monthly through O.A.C we would be thrilled!  https://secure-q.net/donations/oacom/679 Grace, John, Becky, Jordan, Marley and Baby #3



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