Are you looking for a custom handcrafted Bible? Is your Bible or Bible cover beaten up, ripped and crumbling? If you are looking for a custom Bible you've come to the right place! 

Don't let all of your notes, time, and highlights go to waste.  Think about the years you've spent pouring over your Bible as you've painstakingly marked it up.  
We can make your Bible better than new so that it will last for decades to come! 

If you would like to see customer review videos and some of the stories of Bibles that we have worked with please head over to our Facebook Page Legacy Bible Rebinders. You are not just another Bible to us. We are thrilled you are here and we look forward to getting to know you.

Short Summary:
We can rebind or customize new or old Bibles of all sizes and shapes. 
For this custom Bible rebind we use premium 2-ounce Goatskin leather for the cover (different colors available). 
We can fix or customize Bibles of all sizes and conditions.
Next, we give it a new spine with mull (holds the book block together). 
After this, we add a flexible lamb liner. 
Next, we add spine re-enforcements.   
After this, we add new end sheets, new ribbon or ribbons, new headbands, and custom foiling. 
We are also happy to add your name to the front cover as well. 

As much as we love fixing people's we love when families read them together even more. Family discipleship is so important and one of our driving passions. We would be thrilled to share the family discipleship template that we use as well as a sample family mission statement outline. 

Full Summary and Story:

By supporting Legacy Bible Rebinders you allow me to preach and share the gospel all across Nashville. We also train others and last year by God's grace we were able to help organize and hand out over 17,000 gospel tracts at Christmas parades across the country. This year we are hoping for 50,000! 

Our Bibles are handcrafted and will leave a lasting Legacy. We can customize a new Bible or restore an old Bible that has special meaning to you and your family. 
We've restored Bibles that have been all around the world and even one recently that was rescued from a dumpster here in Nashville.  

We ship the Bibles here from Columbia TN ( The Mule Town Capital of the world wooh, wooh) and use UPS to ensure they get to you as quickly as possible. 

We know that a Godly legacy starts with parents that take the time each day to read to and with their family. We want to help you on this journey. Our mission is to see multi-generational faithful families.  This Bible is a perfect gift for your son or special family member.  

We get to hear great stories all the time and we love asking our clients: What's Your Bible's Legacy? 

It is a powerful question and often people get choked up about how God used that Bible at a specific point in their life. God's word is alive and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. 

If you have a question that was not answered here please feel free to message me. 
Please, also check out our work at or Legacy Bible Rebinders on Facebook.

Thank you for allowing us to play a part in your family's legacy.

John and Becky

Custom Bible Rebind

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  • This Bible is hand made and will leave a lasting Legacy. Custom Bible rebind in Goatskin leather. New spine with re-enforcements, new canvas liner, new end sheets, new ribbon or ribbons and custom foiling.


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